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Project Weird is a UK-based content publisher and network of weird and wonderful websites serving various unusual niches including the paranormal and supernatural.


Digital publishing and content delivery through our network of websites


From manuscript to print with our physical and ebook publishing and marketing services


Licensable content creation and feature writing for digital and print


Multi-camera, on-location video production and live streaming


DJ mixes, audio programmes and music-based content streams


Custom built applications for smartphones, tablet and web browsers

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Paranormal and weird news, occult articles, and analysis of trending conspiracy theories

Hidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits
By Steve Higgins

A subterranean journey to Britain's dark and forgotten places


Unique paranormal qualifications delivered through well-reviewed online courses

Demystifying The Oracle
By Steve Higgins

A balanced guide to Ouija boards and how to use them correctly and safely

Paranormal Hub

A link-in-bio services offering instant pages for paranormal teams

Whispers From The Other Side
By Steve Higgins

a complete guide to Electronic Voice Phenomena, covering the history and theories behind EVP research

My Ghost Hunting Movie

Steve Higgins' filmmaking debut sees him document a unique solo ghost hunting venture filmed over one night at the haunted Ancient Ram Inn.

The Rational Demonologist's Handbook
By Steve Higgins

Explores the world of demons and their interactions with humans.


A free-to-watch streaming platform dedicated to ghost hunting and the paranormal

Paralearning: Study Companion
By Steve Higgins

A concise and informative reference book designed for Paralearning graduates.

Haunted Escape

Play online to solve a series of ghost hunting themed puzzles and games

Reply To All
By Steve Higgins

A collection of ridiculous time-wasting chats with scammers from around the globe

Mixcloud Session

Hour-long mixes twice a week featuring current dance hits and classic anthems

Live Streaming

Video production services for live paranormal reality and entertainment shows


High quality video production, channel management and content distribution

Guest Articles

We provided content for various publications and websites including Haunted Magazine


A massive resource of information on interesting and forgotten locations