Are you a paranormal investigator looking for a writer for your biography, or part of a team wanting to have its story told in a book?

I'm Steve, a UK-based paranormal author and journalist with over two decades of experience writing compelling web content, books, and magazine articles. Having carved out a niche in paranormal writing, I am in a unique position to be able to help others turn their ghostly stories into words.

How It Works

The paranormal is a subject I understand deeply and am able to write about based on my extensive knowledge. Writing about a topic I'm familiar with allows me to write quickly and, most importantly, keep costs down for you. For example, if you mention using a REM-Pod at 30 East Drive, I can write about the experience without needing more details about what a REM-Pod is or researching the significance of 30 East Drive.


We will work together to produce your book through a series of interviews, from the initial stages to creating a print-ready book complete with cover design and formatting for both print and ebook distribution. You will hold the copyright for the finished work and be credited as the author.


I can advise on the self-publishing process through Amazon KDP, including distribution through other retailers. I can also manage this process for you and produce and distribute an audiobook.


Books of this nature tend to be shorter, around 40,000 words, which is approximately 130 pages. This length is sufficient to warrant a price tag with the potential to deliver a return on the project while keeping costs low enough to make the service accessible to all.


For larger teams or public figures, I can, in some cases, offer my ghostwriting 'star' service free of charge in exchange for a profit share of the book's sales.


  • £100 per 1,000 words
  • 10% deposit
  • Open to all
  • 4-6 hour-long interviews
  • Cover design
  • Formatting (print/ebook)
  • Basic Book Link
  • -


  • 50/50 split of sales
  • No up front fees
  • Subject to status
  • 4-6 hour-long interviews
  • Cover design
  • Formatting (print/ebook)
  • Free custom Book Link
  • Publishing through Project Weird

Ready to get started?

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My unique advantage is a deep understanding of the paranormal, gained from over two decades of experience as a paranormal author and journalist. This allows me to craft compelling stories quickly and accurately, reducing the need for extensive background information from clients and keeping costs lower.

Your involvement is crucial. We'll collaborate through interviews to capture your story accurately. You'll have regular opportunities to review drafts and provide feedback, ensuring the final product truly reflects your experiences and voice.

While my speciality is the paranormal, my writing skills are versatile. If you have a story outside the paranormal realm, feel free to reach out, and we can discuss how I might assist with your project.

I can provide guidance on both self-publishing and traditional publishing routes. If you prefer to pursue traditional publishing, I can help prepare your manuscript for submission to publishers and agents, increasing your chances of securing a publishing deal.

A Few Of Our Book Reviews

This is book is a highly readable introduction to the paranormal, that has been very well researched, and for a self-published (I think?) title, very well produced with no typos! Buy it!

J Richards

An excellent read, couldn't put it down. If you’re interest in sub exploration this is for you.


This is the perfect book for learning all about EVPs and the history of them and there's also case studies included along with what kind of equipment to buy.


I particularly enjoyed reading the various arguments for and against using a Ouija Board. Easy to read with relevant information for both the novice and the experienced.